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Music Business Blog: How to promote to your fans

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Soundcloud, e-mail, text,  letter? The choices of engagement are huge. But how you communicate with fans depends on many factors including the age of your fans and your technical ability. We are very fortunate in the UK to have an abundance of music to listen to. The choice of music and the […]


Music Business Blog: How do you create fans… and then keep fans?

There is no set method to building a fan base. 12 weeks on a certain ITV show before Christmas has done the trick recently (well for the runners up at least!). In all seriousness; once you have great songs then you just need to understand who and where your potential fans are. Live performances are […]


Music Business Blog: Tips for artists getting gigs and festival slots

Last Updated: Feb 2016 If you don’ t have the benefit of a booking agent or manager to arrange shows on your behalf then the responsibility lies with you, the  artist. (Yup, something else to arrange in-between writing, rehearsing, recording and everything else involved in building a music career.) I am writing this in response to what […]


Passenger to support Ed Sheeran on UK tour

This October/November Ed Sheeran embarks on his biggest UK tour to date. He has come a long way from those days of playing in pub rooms where many of you first street teamed for him. Joining him as one of the supports will be Passenger. Many of you will be familiar with him possibly street teaming for him […]


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