Neon Street offer card machine hire for UK and European touring.

The contactless card machines we use are Verifone V240M (Wifi and Sim) and the Ingenico IWL250 (SIM only) based device. Both run off a built in SIM card and use the GSM network (GSM being the most accessible signal) and roam from network to network across the UK and Europe to find signal to allow the transaction to take place.

We use Ingenico IWL250 Machines and the Verifone V240M (above)

We are fully PCI-DSS Compliant.

The machines are supplied in protective mini flight cases with foam inserts for protection whilst on tour


Our machine hire is charged at a flat fee per day rate and include card fees up to a certain amount of sales. As it’s a day rate this hire fee is chargeable on non-show days during the hire period.

For more information and to discuss a solution please e-mail: [email protected] or call 01449 257040