There is no set method to building a fan base. 12 weeks on a certain ITV show before Christmas has done the trick recently (well for the runners up at least!).

In all seriousness; once you have great songs then you just need to understand who and where your potential fans are.

Live performances are one of the ideal times to create new fans. The demand for support slots on tours with higher profile artists are always a great opportunity but in short supply. These slots are not given to the artists with the greatest potential but sometimes sold to the highest bidder (the buy-on!).

That live performance is what potential will judge you on and is a prime time to hook someone on your music, perhaps for life!  Once that new fan has bought into you and your music, it is the start of a long term commitment (for both parties). As an artist if you don’t realise this and keep looking for new fans without nurturing the current ones then you won’t grow, and merely stagnate.

Your real fans will support you on your journey, they will listen to you and show love to your music. They will bring new people to your music because of belief of not just your music, but you as the artist.

So, tip number 1 for building fans? Don’t be an arrogant idiot. The ones you see are the minority and their attitudes are mostly a stage perception. There is too much music and too much talent out there to have this attitude towards others.

Tip 2 – Listen to your fans; understand how they engage with you, your music and what they want. This does not mean you do what they want, but it allows you to make a more informed decision on what you think is right for your current fans and for future growth.

Tip 3 – Provide opportunities to meet those who love your music. That chat or signed record will mean a lot to them. A short-term time commitment meeting people for long term support.

Social Media:

No waffle here, simply:

  • Keep it personal – don’t let others run your platforms for you – your fans will know and move on to those artists who do keep it personal
  • Keep a balance between all platforms – different fans prefer different platforms so make sure all are updated
  • Offer plenty to the fans before asking for something. New audio, pictures, video, etc. Before you ask people to come to your shows or purchase your latest record.
  • Social media is a platform for your marketing and promotion but primarily it’s a social tool (the hint is in the name), and don’t forget that or fans will forget you.

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